We live on an acreage in White Lake, BC, overlooking a pristine fishing lake.  My camera is always on hand, as animals visit us often. We have a doe who has her babies every year on our lot, often twins.

If I am really diligent, I might be lucky enough to  catch a glimpse of an occasional visitor passing through


The bird feeder is busy all the time, and the different species of woodpeckers dominate them.  The friendly Northern Flicker  will share the suet and seeds with other visitor, whereas the pileated and downy woodpeckers are more aggressive. If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of the elusive brown creeper. The tiny nuthatch, also a member of the woodpecker family, is small  but mighty.





If you know of anyone who might be interested in purchasing a young adult novel, my published book The Trouble with Mandy is still available. To download a pdf copy, go to the following website:
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The Trouble with Mandy is an uplifting story of a young girl searching for her identity and learning to cope with changes happening in her life. The diversion of nurturing an injured eaglet is stimulating but does little to alleviate thirteen year old Mandy Johnson’s anxieties and she continuously feels frustrated and unhappy. Through it all she finds the courage to survive extraordinary odds.