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The Trouble with Mandy is an uplifting story of a young girl searching for her identity and learning to cope with changes happening in her life. The diversion of nurturing an injured eaglet is stimulating but does little to alleviate thirteen year old Mandy Johnson’s anxieties and she continuously feels frustrated and unhappy. Through it all she finds the courage to survive extraordinary odds.





A clandestine meeting with an elderly woman named Annie, and her young granddaughter Hanna, will start a chain of events that will change fifteen year old Caroline Lindstrom’s life forever—paranormal encounters, eerie illuminations, unexplained time shifts, traveling back in time to 1902 through a mysterious portal. Warned by Annie of a devastating disaster that occurred in the past but which can only be changed by someone from the future, Caroline must find the answer before the gateway closes forever.

Caroline’s relationship with her angry, controlling grandfather contributes to the ongoing source of her frustration and discontent and although the year is 1955, she feels as if she is living in the Dark Ages. When her life spirals out of control, she returns to the past, realizing she must stop the catastrophe that will befall Annie’s family. Will she find the courage to confront the past and change the future, or will she fail in her mission?

TO ORDER A PDF COPY OF LILACS & BIFOCALS go to Solstice Publishing’s link at or should you wish to purchase a paperback copy the link is Lilacs & Bifocals received a five star review from its editor.

“Little House on the Prairie” meets “Back to the Future”. Wonderful!
By Frederick H. Crook “F.H. Crook” on June 27, 2015
Format: Paperback

I had the privilege of reading this story prior to its release, receiving it as a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

The characters are well-written and with such heart and sincerity that they are all quite authentic and believable. Every bit of the story is written with care and literary grace. The plot itself is a wonderful weaving together of historical fiction and science fiction. Think of it as “Little House on the Prairie” meets “Back to the Future” and you may begin to understand it.

DeKelver has written a real winner here and I look forward to her next adventure. This is definitely a 5-star read, kids. Don’t pass it up.”





Young Adult Dark Fantasy novel, CHILD OF THE ANCIENTS, available for purchase through Kindle. Don’t miss it, a good read for young adults (ages 10 and up) and for adults (even seniors). Personalized printed copies are available from Shirley DeKelver.


A terrifying catastrophe in the past has blocked young Aurie’s memories, and when she inadvertently discovers she has magical powers, she is captured and imprisoned in Prince Kalian’s dungeon. Magic is forbidden in the kingdom and anyone using it is put to death. She escapes with the aid of Armitage Ravenwood, a powerful wizard, and his companion, Seamus Stark, a trained warrior and deserter from the Royal Army. She discovers she is half Eldoran, or High Elf, and half-Ancient, and her mixed bloodline is the catalyst generating her tremendous abilities. Armitage assumes the role as her mentor, over the years honing her powers, all the while concealing from her a dark and shocking secret. She learns of a prophesy, predicted by Armitage over five hundred years ago, that a powerful sorceress of mixed blood would confront the Evil Lord and only one would survive the altercation. Should she fail, Earth and Fey Wild would be thrown into perpetual darkness and evil would prevail. Growing up without family or an identity, Aurie must cope with her insecurities and come to value her gift, and also find the strength and confidence to confront Prince Kalian. Will she fail in her mission or will she succeed?