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There is never a shortage of ducks and water fowl in the Shuswap. We are fortunate enough to encounter Canada Geese, female and male mallards and their tiny babies (in early spring), cormorants,  Grebes (although I am still hoping to capture them doing their beautiful mating dance), common merganser, scoters, and many more.


Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and family


Canada Geese, often an over-looked bird, beautiful and splendid.

The Western Grebe, is abundant on Shuswap Lake each year, their amazing dance being one of the most elaborate breeding rituals seen.


rarer sightings of the cormorants and the merganser

let’s not forget the American Coot (this one I am still not sure of)


The bird feeder is busy all the time, and the different species of woodpeckers dominate them.  The friendly Northern Flicker  will share the suet and seeds with other visitor, whereas the pileated and downy woodpeckers are more aggressive. If you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of the elusive brown creeper. The tiny nuthatch, also a member of the woodpecker family, is small  but mighty.